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to 7 and Eleven


A Combination of our two favourite numbers.


At 7 and Eleven we know that comfort is KEY  which is why  we designed garments with the idea that you can put them on and never take them off (obviously to wash)  We kept everything simple (but not too simple) stylish (but not too stylish) and most importantly versatile so it can be worn all day everyday.

The idea behind 7 and eleven is to create simple, well crafted pieces. pieces you can live in all day everyday, and that will never go out of style. our first collection consists of a "basics" made with comfy fabrics such as french terry, fleece and cotton. While they are simple in design there's nothing simple about the quality.

Our clothing line is unisex so you're not restricted to one design, no matter what your gender.


At 7 and eleven we have something for everyone no matter your style, size or choice of colour.

Comfortable clothing, great quality and affordable prices

black logo of words written seven and 11
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